Collection: Ultimate Range

Introducing dot. Underwear. Highest-quality 240gsm Bamboo underwear designed for a perfect fit on your hips. Say goodbye to discomfort with our extra thick & silky 37mm waistband, preventing band folding and slippage. The 'dot. Box' keeps your manhood separated from your legs, ensuring chafe-free days during any activity. Our extended leg length and anti-ride technology mean no more adjustments throughout the day. Experience ultimate comfort with soft, breathable, and eco-friendly Bamboo fabric - perfect for the everyday Kiwi bloke. Shop now for the best in comfort and performance!

  • dot. box

    The magic behind our anti-chafe technology. The dot. box ensures your manhood is kept separated from your legs at all times. All our underwear comes with the dot. box technology.

  • Anti-Ride

    Extended leg length and anti-ride technology. We know there is nothing worse than re-arranging your underwear all day. Our anti-ride technology is the solution. Put your dot.s on in the morning and don't touch them again until you're ready to strip off!

  • Bamboo

    Our 240gsm bamboo is soft, simple and the most comfortable. Highly breathable, bamboo is the perfect material for underwear. The material is naturally eco-friendly, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic.